Images of Durham Miners Gala
      12th July 2003
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Marching into Durham
Tot proudly leads the Band....and he's on the right foot as well!  Eat your heart out Billy!
Entertaining the residents of Fishburn
Marching towards the show field....Keep your eyes on the music Andrea!
Phil, Paul, Mal, Paul and Anthony start to dream about which pub to go to first
The banner unfurled and ready to go!
The 3 Amigo's Frank, Keith and Stewart have a group hug....Eeeh, do you remember the good old days?
The important dignitaries on the balcony........We're informed that Ray Farr was there also.
Here we go, round to the 'County'......Doesn't Kevin look happy!
Graham tries to remember which valves to put down...Well it's a long time since he played for 'Grimey' (Arnhem starts on 'C' Graham....Don't put any valves down just yet)
Tot leads the Band on the March around Fishburn...Which way to Durham then lads and lasses?
The Band strike up and are ready to march off from 'the County'....Tot concentrates on when to start marching again (after 8 bars Tot!)
What a good looking happy crowd of supporters!