Images of Durham Miners Gala
      13th July 2002
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The Band stopped to play Gresford outside the homes of recently deceased miners during the march around Fishburn
Do you recognise anyone?
Entertaining the residents of Glebe House, Fishburn
Playing Gresford.  Tony Benn looks on.
It's warm work this banner lark!
Back to Fishburn Club for some light refreshments!
John and the Trombone section pose before setting off for a long day!
Mal, Helen, Andy and Patrick doing their bit in 'Trumpet Blues' for the crowd and dignatories at the County Hotel, Durham (apologies to Andrea and Colin ~ out of shot)
Chris, John G, John W, Paul T and Paul K give their response
inc. Vicky!
Two of our guests from Sandhurst awaiting the opportunity to play the miners hymn 'Gresford' prior to the speeches
Entertaining the crowd and dignitaries again at 'the County'
Back on the road again
Which way to Durham then lads and lasses?
Ready to march off from 'the County'
Marching back up to 'the County' on our return journey
Our sponsored walkers take a well earned rest having walked from Fishburn to Durham to help raise Band funds.  Talk about dedication!
Stop Tally's drink, he's starting to take centre stage again!
The free beer chits have come in handy! Thanks to Tot, Bill and all at 'the Club'
Martin joining in the fun (lovely smile!)