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President                                                                                             Rt Hon Tony Blair (ex - PM)

Tony Blair was born 6th May 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was educated at the Durham Choristers School in Durham and at Fettes College in Edinburgh. He received a law degree in 1975 from St. John's College, Oxford University. He began practising law the next year after being admitted to the bar. 

Tony Blair first ran for Parliament as a Labour Party candidate in 1982. He joined the House of Commons the following year, winning the seat at Sedgefield, near to the village of Fishburn. Tony Blair held that seat through the 1980s and 1990s until his resignation in 2007.

After initially serving as a Labour Party spokesman on treasury matters, and then on trade and industry affairs, Tony Blair was appointed shadow energy secretary in 1988. He was named shadow employment secretary in 1989 and shadow home secretary in 1992. The party elected him to its National Executive Committee in 1992. 

The Labour Party elected Tony Blair as its leader in 1994. Then 41 years old, he was the youngest-ever head of the Labour Party. He replaced John Smith, who had died earlier in the year after leading the party for two years.   Tony Blair's youthful, energetic speaking style, is credited with contributing to the Labour Party's steadily climbing popular support. 

Tony Blair married Cherie Booth, a fellow trial lawyer, in 1980.   Fishburn Band are very proud and honoured to have the Rt Hon Tony Blair as their President.

Vice President                                                                                                   Billy Elliott

This is the 'REAL Billy Elliott'!  

Billy is a founder member and Secretary of Fishburn Band's supporters Group who, with the support of the community of Fishburn, provide the much needed backing for the Band.  Billy follows the Band everywhere often travelling away to contests proudly wearing his coveted Band uniform.

Billy's father George, was one of the two men (along with the late Micky Terrans) who was responsible for the setting up of the original 'Fishburn Colliery Welfare Band' in the early 1950's and Billy has more than ensured the ongoing future of the Band.  Billy loves to get involved in the 'banter' with whoever is conducting the band at our regular concerts in the Fishburn Workingmens Club often leading to hilarious results.

Librarian    Mal Usher

Librarian/Band Trustee     Ronnie Bannister 

Band Trustee  Stewart Wilson 

The Committee.......

Band Manager  Paul Brickle

Treasurer  Helen Usher

General Secretary   Jayne Bateman

Contest Secretary   Mal Usher

Committee Member   Audrey Gill

Committee Member  Paul Kerry

Committee Member John Youll

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